The KOIOS vision

A better world starts with better education

The last few decades we witnessed the uprise of computers and digital technologies. Online open networks like the internet and public blockchains emerged, disrupting entire industries and changing societies. Also known as 'Digital Commons', the internet can be seen as a protocol to openly share ‘information’ and public blockchains can be seen as protocols to openly share and record ‘value’. KOIOS is an applied research initiative which experiments with these new technologies by applying and testing them in our educational systems.

We strongly believe that our educational system will eventually become a Common as well. An open learning environment with new forms of knowledge sharing and governance, like community based curricula, or new forms of value transfers like badges and tokens transactions.

Our end game? It is our dream to build a open learning infrastructure together, one that facilitates lifelong learning, improves learning experiences and connects those that wish to learn with each other.

Available for all that wish to learn.