How is this a problem for you?
‌We expect this decade to disrupt the current status quo in education significantly. We don't know if Web 2.0 MegaCorps or Web 3.0 learning communities will be responsible. The previous decade was the decade of Web 2.0 applications. The applications are already out there with massive network effects. People are accustomed to them, and many universities are already incorporating them into their schools and curricula. Web 3.0 applications are still very young and immature, the networks need to scale, and network effects still need to kick in. It is also strange, hard to understand, and changes how we work and interact with each other. Which can sometimes scare people. The tech, as well as the public, will most likely both need time to evolve.
But the idea of decentralization and incentivization and the empowerment of users is out there. It is currently mainly focussing on disrupting money and finance. Still, it is developing quickly due to the open-source approach and the strong incentives for ecosystems members to contribute. We already see disruption entering other sectors, like gaming or supply chain management. We expect these Web 3.0 applications to be adopted in education by the end of this decade. ‌Or later.
Or sooner…
We don't know how fast things can develop. But, we do know that we already started energetically and enthusiastically. You can learn about the tech or see it in action yourself via the platform. Prepare yourself for the future. But do so in a fun fashion; connect with the community behind the Koios platform, earn rewards, spend some. Play, learn, and earn. This upcoming Web 3.0 is not the problem. It redesigns systems for the better and creates opportunities for you. This new digital world is built today, and you can participate by adding your knowledge, skills, and time. Please help us help you get ready.
We aim to be ready when the technology, as well as the people, are both ready. Willing to offer a decentralized ecosystem alternative for MegaCorps, which empowers users and entities in an open-source fashion. A choice that enables us as a species to search for the right questions and answers together. A tool to face the challenges of our generations. Let's aim together to build this win-win for us and the world.
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