You as a Funder

Description Mainly regards the monetary value providers. When providing non-monetary values, a users quickly ends up in one of the other roles. Distinguished into two categories:

  • public funders (with subcategories education, government and NPO)

  • private funders (with subcategory organizations and individuals macro and individuals micro)

Parties invest monetary values, but receive not always measurable non-monetary values.

We will be able to bring you

  • The benefits for the other user roles for actors that are in service of the entity

  • Improved direct connections and value lines to other roles

  • Synergy benefits from the quadruple helix connection

  • Team & means that directly contribute to or perhaps even realise the goal of the organisation / externally bought manpower

  • Strategic value, like improved reputation, financial position or Input / say over aspects of the platform

What you can bring

• Static funds / budget • Dynamic funds / continuous micro-flow