You as a Content Creator
Description The creator of digital education, where education can be made in various formats or your own choosing. This group is split into two categories, because there are small nuances in the triggers per user & validation of the content per category. The categories:
    Online content creator within educational institutions (subcategories teacher and researcher)
    Online content creator outside the education system (subcategories field specialist and passionist)
Current status At the moment we mainly support the first group, where content is vetted by the standard accreditation protocols of universities before integrated in curricula. But we also started experiments with partners from the second category, this time vetted by collaborations of field partners and regional universities. Still biding by the standard processes of validation of curriculum, but mixed up with additional field expertise.
Future status In time though, KOIOS enables you to launch your own courses via the content uploader with ease. We instantly connect you to a vast infrastructure of learners, where you can share your passion with students from all over the world. In the second phase vetted by the local learning facility, like a university, in community collaborations of lecturers, researchers, public-private organisations and field partnerships. In the third phase possibly done via reputation based mechanisms. Our tools aim to facilitate you throughout this process as well as forming the right regional connections.
We will be able to bring you
    An audience that is active in higher education
    Increase reach and exposure
    Improve network access in own field of expertise
    Potential gain of greater sense of fulfillment and enjoyment of knowledge sharing in a topic that you love
    Feedback on your content from the learning communities and improve skills & knowledge
    Financial incentives
What you can bring
    New curriculum content
    Feedback on content, on online infrastructure & tools
    Man power, guidance and expert insights
    Guest lectures and other learning activities
    Personal engagement in communities
    Researching capabilities
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