You as a Learner
Description Learners in the broadest sense of the word. So not only students, but also non-students like working professionals, unemployed or the average Jane & John Doe outside the educational institutions fall into this category.
Topics We want to make education flexible and we would like you to be able to learn from wherever you want, whenever you want. No matter who you are or where you are from. But KOIOS not only enables you to learn in personalised fashion, we also aim to keep providing you new topics which you can't always find in traditional accredited education yet. We co-create our curricula in learning communities consisting of lecturers, researchers, public- and private companies and field specialists. We have started with FinTech related subjects, but will soon expand to other topics like smart manufacturing.
We will be able to bring you
    ECT’s and accredited competencies per topic
    Field experience and job possibilities in course relevant work- and learning environments
    The flexible and user friendly Webplayer and the standard benefits of blended learning
    Currently relevant: high quality Corona-proof courses
    Reputation via tokens and badges
    Students: ECT-Learner profile with micro-certificates based on accredited ECT’s
    Non-Students: Learner profile with accredited micro-certificates
    Free access to online education to (re)train yourself
What you can bring
    Feedback on content, on infrastructure or tools
    Potential work force for job providers
    Monetary value for study facilitator
    Audience and reach / exposure enabler (to collective return)
    Engagement in communities
    Contribute to curriculum or seek for other roles and adventures
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