You as a Job Provider
Description This role provides work and learning environments. We categorised two different types of job providers; public such as the government and private such as companies and organizations.
Retrain Koios allows you to retrain professionals. Easy access to a wide variety of topics that matter today. We'll provide short courses as well as multi-month courses that will elevate the skill set of you and the people who work with you.
Talent access You'll also have access to a large pool of students and field-experts. The Hague University alone houses 26.000 students. The second international university we've partnered with is the Accra Technical University, in Ghana. Via the LOOFC network and other partners we'll collaborate with multiple other universities very soon.
We also aim to develop new education that companies and government need. The world is moving at an increasingly rapid pace and in order to keep up, we think it's vital that educational content is developed in collaboration with companies and government.
We will be able to bring you
    Retraining your professionals
    Access to talents
    Enable access to solve some of your research and field challenges
    Connect with other actors in the learning communities
What you can bring
    Work & learning environments in the field
    Time e.g. guidance, guest lecturers, advice etc.
    Experience in respected fields
    Knowledge / experience sharing
    Potential input into the content
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