You as a Study Facilitator
Description This role mainly concerns facilitating the support and safeguarding of education. The role is generally occupied by educational institutions. So think of providing the necessary preconditions, both offline (locations & facilities) and online (educational learning systems such as Blackboard and Osiris).
As innovation has proven to be slow and expensive, we offer an infrastructure which you can easily plug-into, update your curricula and create your own courses. But that's not all: KOIOS is a place where you can collaborate with other institutions to innovate education cheaply, flexibly and effectively. Develop and connect with other actors in the Glocal learning communities.
And with our large network of participants, your students and teachers will have a place to converse outside the walls of your institution. Allowing them to be inspired, connected and participate in an innovating, modern environment.
We will be able to bring you
    Direct means to realise strategic goals (e.g. THUAS: World citizenship , internationalization and networking)
    Increased positive exposure, promotion and reach of University
    A possible means to in house facilitate and enable 21st century education for students and maintain the competitive advantage towards digital industry disrupters by using open source innovation
    Experimenting with new forms of sharing knowledge, educating and validation + Learning gains from this innovative educational experiment.
    Integrate student talent in own organisation via “for students, by students” approach
    The values for the other roles are most often equally values for this role e.g. happier students and teachers = happier study facilitator
    Experimenting with new business models
    Better connected with other roles in quadruple helix leading to benefits like efficient relevant curriculum creation and many other synergy benefits.
    Opportunity to offer inclusive education on a global scale
What you can bring
    Track record and reputation that is needed for accrediting certificates and currently still demanded by society
    Strong experienced support departments and learning systems that support that accrediting system
    Monetary contribution
    Non-monetary contribution
    Social function
    Regional function with accessible offline locations and educational resources like library, computers, living labs
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