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Blockchain has become a popular topic last decade and The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) has been at the forefront when it comes to teaching this subject within The Netherlands. The THUAS blockchain team currently walks two routes: (1) we provide blockchain minors and (2) we build a blockchain based platform called Koios
Koios is initiated by research group New Finance. It is a platform that harbours tools that connect and opens up the strong foundations of the educational sector, enabling the powerful combination of centuries of experience and reputation from universities with strengths of fast moving open source technologies. Other than our vision of enabling and empowering lifelong learning, such an infrastructure might be needed to deal with developments THUAS and other traditional (international) educational institutes currently face. Examples of such developments are: 1) increasing innovation of educational content outside traditional educational institutes; 2) changing demands of learners and increased flexibility of education outside traditional education institutes; and 3) increasing availability of free or low cost education and the rise of new funding models of education.
So instead of fighting the Digital Commons, we decided to join forces with them: our long-term plan is to realize a blockchain-based education infrastructure, openly accessible to anyone in the world. An “open learning infrastructure”, allowing actors in "Glocal learning communities" to openly share, learn, earn and connect with each other. Other than the obvious synergy benefits, think more user friendly data developments like reputation systems based on personal badges, micro-payments with cryptocurrencies, true data ownership and the incorporation of game theory elements which stimulate individual investments that lead to collective returns.
We strongly believe that by using these new technologies we facilitate and enable new ways of sharing knowledge and we can empower flexible lifelong learning for individuals. Via increased connections and access to an open network of learning environments, individuals can accelerate and excel in their different talents and roles. Such an open infrastructure, available for all, enables people to work on their future and improve their world for themselves, their environment and society.
Our mission: education as an open "Common". Within reach for everyone, everywhere. Let’s change. You. Us. The World.
(1) THUAS has launched five blockchain minors and a sixth one will start in September 2020. These minors are well attended – more than 135 students already enrolled in the coming course ─ and rated 9.9 by students. Blockchain-technology, guest lectures by experts and implementation projects are central parts of the minor. The minor had various, positive results. Students attended world’s biggest blockchain hackathon, had internships and found part-time jobs in the blockchain industry and daily active (inter)national partnerships.
(2) KOIOS is one of the experimental spinoffs of this blockchain minor, but is not limited to the topic of blockchain and will focus on other topics as well. KOIOS is an experimental research and development project initiated by the research group New Finance of the Business, Finance & Marketing (BFM) faculty at THUAS. Within the KOIOS infrastructure, THUAS develops and experiments with a blockchain-based open education infrastructure. Such an infrastructure enables and stimulates new ways of (free) education, knowledge sharing, knowledge development and acknowledgement.
Because we are active on the front-end of educational innovation, researching and applying these technologies, we create new insights for our team consisting of lecturers, researchers, students, field specialists and partners from public-private organisations. Several other educational institutes have already shown interest in the infrastructure, partially because all traditional educational institutes currently seem to face similar developments and partially to create synergy in curricula and networks together. Hopefully soon all connected via a common, neutral and open infrastructure.
Innovation has proven to be slow and potentially expensive at traditional institutes and we propose KOIOS to help institutions innovate with less friction, but without losing their credibility and reliability. The outside world is full of innovative educational initiatives and we operate with a sense of urgency to not get left behind. Considering the in-house expertise on new technologies, THUAS is committed to truly try to rethink education by experimenting with completely new forms of education, validation and possibly tuition. Technological developments are moving at a staggering pace and we feel the only way for education to keep up with developments is to use these new technologies to create the education of the future.

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