Education as a common

A new internet is coming

A new internet is in the making, an internet of value. It enables users to send and receive all kinds of value worldwide. This new internet cuts out intermediaries. In web 3.0 you are not the product anymore because you own your data instead of MegaCorp. It supports the migration from centralized egosystems to decentralized ecosystems. An institutional redesign. Or in simpler terms, we migrate from lending applications as a user (web 2) to owning applications as a user (web 3).
This new internet has been in the making for the last decade and already impacts the finance industry. The most famous example is Bitcoin, which started as the first example of 'the internet of money'. Ethereum launched shortly after, as the first world computer to support decentralized applications (for example decentralized finance applications). More and more DAO's and dApps pop up like mushrooms, aiming to disrupt entire industries.
And like the previous internet has already proven, software is increasingly eating the world. And now, the next generation of software applications is knocking at our door. Applications without intermediaries and improved user features like improved transparency, fully automated, predictable compliance, self-sovereignty, privacy, and data ownership. These applications facilitate open-source Digital Commons, accessible for all via the internet. No exclusion and no borders or thresholds.

Experimenting with this new internet

The Koios experiment applies these new applications and characteristics in Academic education and aims to reform how we share knowledge and learn radically. Not centralized & solo, but decentralized & together.
Koios is an open-source platform that its users govern. It is the home of learning ecosystems with shared content. Universities, communities, public & private organizations, teachers, researchers, and field specialists co-create curriculum and networks. Freely available in digital worlds, for all kinds of learners. Not to replace physical learning, but available for online or blended learning. Koios acts as a digital highway that connects you to the learning world of your liking.
These worlds are open environments where learning and sharing are sacred and encouraged via individual reward systems. By adding content, resources, etc., the user receives digital values in exchange, like cryptocurrencies, voting rights, micro-certificates, NFT's (shareable collectibles with property rights) or shared ownership.
A Koios world rewards users for individual input that lead to collective returns—copied from natural ecosystems.

Our end goal: Education as a Common

If done in a fair and balanced fashion, we believe this could result in a self-sustainable learning environment where everybody wins. A learning environment where education is available as a Common. Education as a Common: free and lifelong learning for all. An open learning environment with new forms of reward mechanisms, knowledge sharing, and community-based decentralized governance.
We are very much aware that we don't know all the answers. We don't even know all the questions. But we do see the many possibilities of the upcoming web 3.0. And we do have a dedicated and resourceful community working towards this clear vision: Education as a Common. So if we keep trying and keep discovering, with a healthy mix of people across the globe, we might find some of these crucial questions and answers. Imagine the possibilities if we could align individual incentives from people worldwide into this common shared goal. We could create a Common as an alternative to the increasing power of (commercial) MegaCorps in education. Empowering users, stimulating people to learn, share and contribute in balanced ecosystems.
Let's lay this power in the hands of the people, no matter who or where you are, and not in the hands of commercial MegaCorps.
Because education is the most powerful weapon to change the world - Nelson Mandela
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