KOIOS 2021

The method From 2021 onwards, we will start to research the possibilities of using more components of blockchain technology and gamification for KOIOS. We will do so using a combination of rapid application development (RAD) and Agile. This allows for the following strategy in regard to research, testing but also implementation: 1) Fast development at low cost 2) Self-organizing and cross-functional team efforts 3) Stepwise research and testing of small parts of KOIOS 4) Rapid implementation over engineering excellence at early stages 5) Early delivery and continuous improvement 6) Active user involvement (learners and teachers included in development) 7) Rapid and flexible response to changes 8) Produce documentation for future use

By using the method listed above, we will be able to flexibly experiment throughout every respective stage, at low operational cost.

The Roadmap We have mapped the planning and implementation steps of our planning in a separate roadmap. A sneak peek:

  • Expanding courses and experiment with different forms of content creation and presentation

  • Continuous testing & iteration of the Player

  • Further develop the blockchain-based forum and chat tools

  • Further develop the content uploader

  • Launch, test & iterate the matching tool SYNC

  • Take the Titan token and Badge experiments to the next level

  • Scale regionally, nationally and internationally (partners are to be announced :-)!)