After the Blockchain Minor, courses from other programs have followed. ‘Data Science for Business Improvements’, ‘Trading Digital and Financial Assets’ and ‘Security Essentials’ are under development and to be live in August, just before start study year 2020-2021.

Examples of courses that are discussed and planned for Q4-2020 – Q1/Q2 2021: 1. Faculty Minors like for example Smart Buildings and Circular Business 2. Lectorate courses like “Reshaping Economy” from New Finance 3. Small courses from main programs like the Finance & Control “MBO-Mini’s” of 3 ECT, made available for MBO and other pre-HBO learners (aiming to make HBO more attractive / bridging the gap).

These first few steps will have shown us / will hopefully show us the following (random selection of the many, many questions we need to tackle and now can start to tackle): - Can we successfully validate the Blockchain Minor students via KOIOS? We learned we can :-) - Can other institutes such as the Accra Technical University integrate the KOIOS material into their own institute? We learned we can :-) - Can KOIOS truly ensure a digital environment combined with a physical environment? We learned we can :-)

- Will learners benefit from multi-disciplinary and blended lectures? And will learners benefit from more curriculum flexibility and personalised education? - Will our online communications and connecting environment be used and deemed helpful for participants? Will it for example result in a better connected quadruple helix? - Can we foresee a reduction in costs for the development of educational content for institutes? - How will learners benefit from KOIOS after completion? - Can we successfully connect learners, teachers and external entities within our network? - What are some of the problems we have encountered and how can we deal with these problems successfully? - Are other institutes prepared to join KOIOS? - How quick can we develop new courses and launch them onto KOIOS? - Is there interest from companies in learners that have completed a KOIOS course?

We are currently in the process of acquiring approval for certification. We hopefully will be able to provide the different learners, who successfully completed the Minors, with an officially by THUAS validated certificate and not-validated KOIOS badges, connecting them with (inter)national frameworks.

Visualised progress

The first tests with the Blockchain Minor proved to be successful and with partial help from external funders like Municipality of The Hague and MRDH we accelerated implementation of the aforementioned online environments. This is not a paper project, we are out there building together. Day and night. Start your journey at www.koios.online.

Visualisation of what KOIOS currently enables
Visualisation of the current KOIOS infrastructure