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Welcome to the Koios wiki and thank you for being interested. This wiki helps you understand what Koios is all about and why we do what we do. Here you will find all the information about our open-source project and how you can benefit from its existence.‌ We will explain our decentralized open-source approach and we clarify our end game: scaling talents via free learning for all. ↙️ Explore ways to learn & earn on your left!

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A summary

Koios is a community focused on learning. But we do not intend to replicate a digital university or a learning platform. Instead, we intend to build a digital version of a schoolyard. A lively and playful place bordering learning institutions but still well-connected with the fast-changing world. You learn and earn while playing. An environment where you come together to grow and build friendships for life.

We are a DAO. There is no centralized ownership; the community manages the yard together and is open to all. So far, different members have built the following playground equipment (chronological order):

  • Two active courses with 1,000 undergraduates per year: Blockchain & Trading (2017)

  • A visible banner for the courses: an open-source platform called (2019)

  • A schoolyard in Discord with 1,500+ members and various educative channels (2020).

  • Launch of the DAO and $Titan governance token: the voice for members (2021)

  • Launch of the NFT: the reputation and face for members (2022)

  • Initial funds flowing into the DAO: rewards for members to build even more (2022)

  • Bots, rewards, and games entering the Discord: play equipment for all (2022)

Koios is therefore a community with a platform, and it is accelerated by blockchain technology. Creating an environment where sharing is sacred and where users from all over the world come to learn, earn and return. You can learn via community-created curricula, earn cryptocurrencies via blockchain-based tooling, and share & connect via open networks. We combine Academics & Community with a blockchain-empowered internet.

We are still in the very early phases of development. As we see it: we just entered the toddler phase of Koios. This wiki will be 'filled' as we go. You'll find topics that will tell you more on the left, so be sure to click on a few of the links.‌

If you have any questions, please let us know via Discord! or our Twitter.

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