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Welcome, dear visitor!
Here you will find all the information about the Koios platform, the DAO that governs it, and our final aim to realize Education as a Common. A world with free and lifelong learning for everyone.
To realize this, we experiment with a fully open-source learning environment. This environment is community-driven, with no central ownership, and is empowered by Web 3.0. At the Koios platform, you can learn via co-created curricula, earn via blockchain-based tooling, and share & connect via open networks. Koios combines innovative micro-stimulations from the new web with classical academic and online learning. An environment where you can learn & earn and where sharing is sacred.
This wiki helps you understand what we are trying to accomplish with Koios and how you can benefit from its existence.β€Œ We are still in the very early phases of development, and this wiki will be 'filled' as we go. You find topics that will tell you more on the left, so be sure to click a few of the links.β€Œ
Thank you so much for being interested. If you have any questions, please let us know via Discord! or join the journey at https://www.koios.world.
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