Koios wiki 🎓

You can return

You already return while you learn and earn via the aforementioned activities and proposals. For this, we are already grateful 🙏
But if you want to set your heart ablaze, you can accelerate the DAO and its talents that reshape our future by donating cryptocurrencies to wallet address (multisig): 0x7d87ecd5f6fdb433d0b571ba13014968bde813bb.
An experiment with rewarding donators is in the making. We will track USDC donations on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Rewards in the form of 'Angel NFTs' can be earned.
  • Angel => 10$
  • Hero => 100$
  • Master =>500$
  • Legend => 1,000$
  • Wizard => 5,000$
  • Sage => 10,000$
  • Titan => 25,000$
If you would like to earn these NFTs, please donate in USDC on Ethereum or Polygon. ATM, this is the only currency and the only chains we are tracking (more in later phases).