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Completed Roadmap 2022

1. Community involvement​

1.1 Distribution $TITAN

We initially launched the $TITAN in Q4 2021. Therefore, our first steps in 2022 are mainly focused on initial distribution and setting up the foundations for fair, consistent distribution:
  • Distribute share of votes: allocate 10 $TITANS to other core contributors (funds from current core accounts, no new printing $TITAN is required: see proposal 1).
  • Set up accounts that are able to mint Nectar to reward valuable contributions.
  • Improve execution flow: one public key will contain 150 $TITANS, managed by our Discord member Loop. People can send Loop a request. Goal: reward small contributions/ new active entrants /etc.
  • Get XP bot live to exchange 50,000 XP for 1 $TITAN.
  • Airdrop $TITANS list for strategic partners and early contributors
  • Airdrop proposals: passing course (1 $TITAN), vote (1 $TITAN), test-titans (.. XP per test-titan on Rinkeby).
  • $TITAN access to Discord (1 Titan = # rising-titans, 10 Titan = titan-talks).
  • Add channel description + image.
  • Upgrade token model: more $TITAN use cases are under development
  • Collect Koios Improvement Proposals: KIPs? Update: we work with guilds, see proposals
  • Funds will enter the DAO to provide for grants: 5K in June.
  • Create Titan distribution overview so all can see how $TITAN tokens are distributed Reward: 10 titan

1.2 Distribution Titan NFT

  • For details about the launch of the NFT collection, see proposal 2
  • NFT airdrop: whitelist 10+ $TITAN accounts for minting a randomized Founding Titan NFT
  • NFT distribution: 10:1 exchange rate, until external factors might demand differently
  • Website live titans.koios.world + Launch on OpenSea

1.4 Socials

  • Image for $Titan in MetaMask (DONE)

1.6 Organizing workflow

3 Discord and bot upgrades

  • Link Twitter account. The bot reads action; XPs can be earned via likes (250XP), retweet (500XP). Follow KoiosDAO account (3,000XP).
  • Voting (follow: 10,000XP, vote 2000XP). Update: became airdrop.

4. Education content

  • Phase 1: distribute more $TITANS so equal voting arises, as described DONE