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New technologies. New doors

– A bit about blockchains
Our open-source and distributed ecosystem approaches are now made possible thanks to the breakthrough of blockchain technology. Blockchains are ledgers for the internet. The internet was created to share information, blockchains are built to record and transfer values on the internet. Combining abundance of information and scarcity of value in the digital realm, changing the way we interact online. An internet with blockchains offers tools to align large groups of people via incentives in the form of cryptocurrencies. In other words: blockchains enable mass collaboration on a global scale but without central coordination.

New technologies open new doors.

Bitcoin is the first and most famous example of this new and powerful combination of internet and open ledgers. It is already partially reshaping our money story. But value and ledger use cases come in many forms, and many other blockchains and applications have risen since. Young, but maturing, the rise of blockchain applications is also known as the migration from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. It is yet another evolution of the internet.
Blockchains create possibilities of change in online management: we can shift from applications owned by MegaCorps to applications owned by communities. An internet with digital commons. An internet where users own their data, the new gold, enriching life for users. A compelling feature as software is eating the world and taking a seemingly more critical role in our lives.
Blockchains offer us the chance to reshape governance and change the value distribution on the internet. The breakthrough allows us to build better software for users, to change how we design software and how we trust online. Blockchain technology is gradually reshaping the internet and slowly reshaping society. Great reads: why decentralization matters & Web 3.0 and the future of trust.
To increase momentum, we are also in the middle of a transgression from the industrial age to the digital age. Thanks to digital technologies, our society and institutions are changing like never before. We can instantly coordinate information, people, and now also value, across the globe to achieve a common goal. Just evaluate how much our current internet has already changed society and is changing the world of education. Now imagine the impact this enhanced internet might have. A new technology, a new door, a new world. For the first time in human history, we have the required tools available to work towards Education as a Common.
We are a social species with cosmic talents inside of us. But now, we also have tremendous digital powers of connecting and sharing in the palm of our hands. We believe this power can be used for learning and to launch the talents of humans from all over the world. Enriching users with lives full of learning, enriching the world. Because like Nelson Mandela, we too are convinced that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.
This is what we do and breathe, our mission, our calling in this exact moment of time: a world with free learning for all. We have only 'now'. There is a non-zero chance that we can actually pull this off. Awakening Titans, connecting with the cosmos, scaling ability.
Igniting humanity...?