You can earn
But there's more: we've added powerful micro-incentives. While you learn, you also earn...

A bit about tokenomics

We reward members if they learn or contribute. If monetary and non-monetary value flows between members are appropriately designed, this could gradually grow into a self-sustainable ecosystem that rewards win-wins. An equilibrium where individual inputs lead to collective returns. This requires many years of playful research with trials and errors (= our approach).
This page describes how we start and how you can earn. To stimulate learning and active contribution, different rewards can be earned. You earn different cryptocurrencies ("tokens") based on your accomplishments, contributions, and efforts. You can determine your own earning power and earn in the following fashion (read more below image): 1. XP (Discord) 2. $TITANS (Polygon) 3. Titan NFTs (Ethereum) 4. Badges and collectibles (Polygon) 5. $USDC (Polygon)​
Fun fact: all can be made visible when you connect your wallet via​
Learn and earn!

1. Experience Points XP (Discord)

  • We emphasize the quality and importance of conversation in community learning. You will earn experience points XP based on the quality and quantity of your activity in the Meta Titan Discord. It is a non-blockchain reward.
  • Earn XP: - number of messages (between 5-15 XP on a 1-minute cooldown, automatically via bot) - reactions with πŸ’― emoji (100 XP for message poster, automatically via bot) - Tipping XP to other users by using the +tip_xp command - Participating in Koios curricula will award XP - rewards (from community moderators) - other community activities and minting events (airdrops) - Twitter activity (automatically via bot)
    • Likes (250 XP)
    • Retweets (500 XP)
    • Follow @KoiosDAO (3000 XP) Start farming XP here :-)
    - TBA: Voting activity (automatically via bot)
  • Use-case XP: Rewards for students currently enrolled
    • +redeem_bonus_point exchange 50,000 XP for a $TITAN.
    • +redeem_bonus_point exchange 25,000 XP for a bonus point on the oral exam.
    • +redeem_ticket exchange 5,000 XP for a book lottery ticket at the end of the semester.
    • More use-cases will be developed, see Roadmap.
  • To prevent attacks, the bot containing $TITAN has a very limited supply.
  • +help shows an overview of the available commands.

2. $TITAN (Polygon)

  • This is the token proving reputation and used for governing the KoiosDAO. The $TITAN is non-transferable, so it cannot be transferred or bought/sold. They can only be earned (handicap principle), so it proves your contribution and hard work.
  • Two exceptions are made regarding the non-transferability: - There are moderator accounts that distribute small amounts of $TITANS to active learners and contributors. This is to increase workflow and reward small contributions and promotions, without voting for proposals. The moderator accounts are limited to 25 $TITANS and non-transferability can be reversed in case of misconduct or hacks. - You can exchange $TITAN for a founding Titan NFT. Current exchange rate 10 $TITAN:1 NFT. This exception is created to experiment with monetary and social experiments. Exchanges are done manually at this moment, abused accounts can be excluded if the community agrees. As we experiment and learn, we aim to grow this exchange process into a fully automatic procedure.
  • The $TITAN cryptocurrency is active on the Polygon blockchain: The cheap transactions and compatibility with Ethereum allows for experimentation. As we have only just started, this is vital to gradually grow into a self-sustainable platform that supports ecosystem learning.
  • Earn $TITAN: - Exchange via XP. Our will help you in Discord if you type in the command +redeem_token or the command +redeem_titan. - Submit a proposal via the Snapshot tool and ask for $TITANS as payment. - Smaller tasks can be rewarded directly via a moderator in Discord. Feel free to ask around! - Regular airdrops via different metrics (voting/discord levels/participation/class activities/community events & meet-ups)
  • Use-case $TITAN: - voting on proposals - exchange for founding Titan NFT. Current exchange rate: 10 $TITANS : 1 NFT. - access to the (upcoming) honors track, events, and airdrops. - access to private channels in the Meta Titan Discord where proposals are discussed & where fellow $TITAN holders share their life's alpha. 1 $TITAN will give access to #⚑ rising-titans and 10 $TITANS will give access to #⚑ titan-talks. We are exploring different roles for the $TITAN in the gamification of education & collaboration of co-creating community content. More use-cases for burning (destroy) and minting (create) $TITANS will be developed as they are gradually distributed based on learning and contributions among the different contributors (students, teachers/researchers, developers, partners, and community members).

3. Titan NFT (Ethereum)

  • These mythical cosmic beings are generated with different traits, completely randomized, and launched via Ethereum. The genesis distribution is capped at 1,000 original Titans. Read all about the Titan NFT in the second proposal here:
  • We aim to distribute this collection to core contributors and very active people who have worked hard to have earned them (10 $TITANS = effort!). They deserve the best for their work, as this is a collection that will form the basis for years to come. We aim to distribute slowly (unless activities skyrocket).
  • Earn or buy NFT: Because NFTs are liquid on secondary markets like, the NFT is not proof of contribution, but can still act as a reputation mechanism. If you own an NFT, certain parts and gimmicks will be accessible. To directly buy a Titan NFT from the market is a shortcut, as opposed to earning & burning 10 $TITANS, but to reduce monetary risks we recommend earning a Titan NFT and not buying it. Check out the collection via:
  • Use-case Titan NFT: - hodling an NFT of a descended Titan - access to private Discord channel #⚑ rising-titans to meet fellow $TITAN and NFT holders. - access to the (upcoming) honors track, events, and airdrops. - liquify your contributions on secondary markets We are exploring different roles for the NFT in the gamification of education & collaboration of co-creating community content (more will follow as we are all developing in the NFT space).

4. Badges and collectibles (Polygon)

  • Badges are micro-certificates received for learning accomplishments. Under development, but soon expected: if you pass a program, you receive a Koios micro-certificate. Verifiable on the blockchain, this token certificate is 'soul bound' and cannot be transferred to another wallet.
  • Other collectibles for different feats will be part of the gamification of education roadmap. You will be able to create your own study track record (reputation).

5. $USDC (Polygon)

  • Submit a proposal via Snapshop and ask for payment in $USDC. This stablecoin is pegged to the dollar. Starting capital is available in stable coins (crypto dollars), see funds here:
  • Community crowd-funding will be made available.
  • Since Koios is open-source and openly accessible, all can propose and work on improvement suggestions.
The banner will probably be part of the micro-certificate