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You can earn

But there's more: we've added powerful micro-incentives. While you learn, you also earn...

How to EARN?

You can determine your own earning power and earn in the following fashion (read more below image):
  1. 1.
    Earn Titan Tokens AND Dollars - select your activity from the Roadmap
  2. 2.
    Earn XP - join the Discord
  3. 3.
    Earned enough Titan Tokens? Exchange them for a Founding Titan NFT
  4. 4.
    Learned enough? Earn Titan Tokens, Dynamic NFTs, Badges and collectibles. Display them in your profile!
  5. 5.
    DYOP - Do Your Own Proposal via our snapshot

1. Earn Titan Tokens and USDC

  • Select an activity of your liking from the roadmap. Rewards in $ or Titan Tokens are stated per activity. Find all the open activities here in our Roadmap
  • Either join the team (= lead), contact us/them via Discord and we will help you out!
  • If nobody is named, the activity is up for grabs. Still, contact us via Discord.

2. Experience Points XP (Discord)

  • XP are points in our Discord. We emphasize the quality and importance of conversation in community learning. You will earn experience points XP based on the quality and quantity of your activity in the Meta Titan Discord. It is a non-blockchain reward.
  • How can I earn XP? Step 1: where do I start? Answer: Join Discord Step 2: and then what? Answer: Pick a role from the welcome channel and start chatting and participating in channels Step 3: how do I earn rewards? Answer: - number of messages (between 5-15 XP on a 1-minute cooldown, automatically via bot) - reactions with 💯 emoji (100 XP for message poster, automatically via bot) - Tipping XP to other users by using the +tip_xp command - Participating in Koios curricula will award XP - rewards (from community moderators) - other community activities and minting events (airdrops) - start farming via Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoiosDAO/status/1536665640550940672?s=20&t=Lxljz054fHnRGl2erywEaQ - Koios Admins have Discord rights to mint XP. Pro-active or value adding behaviour in Discord or during classes will be rewarded as well.
  • Where can I use XP? * Rewards for students currently enrolled
    • +redeem_token| redeem_titan --> exchange 50,000 XP for a $TITAN.
    • More use-cases will be developed, see Roadmap.
    * Increase in Discord level. The more XP, the higher your level (visible in Discord). Check your level with +level
  • How do you prevent abuse?
To prevent attacks, the bot containing $TITAN has a very limited supply.
  • How do I communicate with the Discord bot?
+help shows an overview of the available commands.

3. Titan NFT (Ethereum)

  • With 10 Titan Tokens, you can mint an NFT via https://titans.koios.world/connect
  • These mythical cosmic beings are generated with different traits, completely randomized, and launched via Ethereum. The genesis distribution is capped at 1,000 original Titans. Read all about the Titan NFT in the second proposal here: https://snapshot.org/#/koios.eth.
  • We aim to distribute this collection to core contributors and very active people who have worked hard to have earned them (10 $TITANS = effort!). They deserve the best for their work, as this is a collection that will form the basis for years to come. We aim to distribute slowly (unless activities skyrocket).
  • Earn or buy NFT: Because NFTs are liquid on secondary markets like OpenSea.io, the NFT is not proof of contribution, but can still act as a reputation mechanism. If you own an NFT, certain parts and gimmicks will be accessible. To directly buy a Titan NFT from the market is a shortcut, as opposed to earning & burning 10 $TITANS, but to reduce monetary risks we recommend earning a Titan NFT and not buying it. Check out the collection via: https://opensea.io/collection/koiosnft
  • Use-case Titan NFT: - hodling an NFT of a descended Titan - access to private Discord channel #⚡ rising-titans to meet fellow $TITAN and NFT holders. - access to the (upcoming) honors track, events, and airdrops. - liquify your contributions on secondary markets We are exploring different roles for the NFT in the gamification of education & collaboration of co-creating community content (more will follow as we are all developing in the NFT space).

4. Badges and collectibles (Polygon)

  • Badges are micro-certificates received for learning accomplishments. Under development, but soon expected: if you pass a program, you receive a Koios micro-certificate. Verifiable on the blockchain, this token certificate is 'soul bound' and cannot be transferred to another wallet.
  • Other collectibles for different feats will be part of the gamification of education roadmap. You will be able to create your own study track record (reputation).

5. $USDC (Polygon)

  • Submit a proposal via Snapshop and ask for payment in $USDC. This stablecoin is pegged to the dollar. Starting capital is available in stable coins (crypto dollars), see funds here: https://polygonscan.com/address/0x2af66e4619e4b6B8D42f2b1aeE889955F3f494e8.
  • Community crowd-funding will be made available.
  • Since Koios is open-source and openly accessible, all can propose and work on improvement suggestions.
The banner will probably be part of the micro-certificate