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Intro Titan NFTs

This page is atm a description of the upcoming second community proposal.
Dear Titans,
We hope all is well as we write to you once more. We come bearing great news: we are launching an NFT collection, and…you can make a claim or earn one!

1/5 General info

There is a (very limited) airdrop incoming for core contributors (initial distribution). Additionally, for the years to come, our aim is to send these NFTs to the most active and contributing core members of the Koios ecosystem. Hence, we dubbed this collection "The Founding Titans".
You are reading an introduction of the second Koios community proposal, which is all about the launch of the Titan NFT. You can find the proposal here, and you can debate/provide input here:
Feel free to shoot if you have any suggestions or remarks about the launch or the process. We aim to do all as fair and transparent as possible. Still, balancing rewarding the most active contributors & new upcoming contributors and building something sustainable for decades to come is not easy. But since this is the first time we have done something like this, there is probably much room for improvement 😊.
Titan NFT minting page

2/5 A bit of background info

** If unfamiliar with Koios, we kindly invite you to read more via open learning infrastructure **
We started this NFT experiment in Q4-2021. For months, we kept iterating the different design layers, technical possibilities, storylines, and use-cases. We tested and played and finally met our first goal; learning is what we did. These new insights led to changing narratives as we shifted from a platform-with-community to a community-with-platform. The community became leading, and the Founding Titans have descended to help them grow.
These NFTs are a tool to support the end goal of education as a common. Using NFTs to create a strong community is already successfully shown by many DAOs and communities across the globe. But Koios will be one of the first to focus this magical NFT internet power entirely on learning. Thanks to the Titan NFTs, we can experiment with new value flows and growth mechanisms. Think of new types of programmable rewards for critical contributions like coaching, content creation, and building learning tools. An appealing flag to attract more engaged members, knowledge, funds, etc. Giving community members a face. The Founding Titans align incentives and act as powerful companions in our quest towards education as a common.
To support you and your Titan, we will upgrade the platform to a divine home where both of you can grow. A place where you are inspired and incentivized to learn, earn and return. The $TITAN token and the Founding Titan NFT mark the first steps for Koios as a toddler.
So dear Titan, take your first steps and speak your words in this proposal. Thus, reward yourself and others by guiding Koios towards education as a common.
Built by Titans, for future Titans.

3/5 Why NFT

If you are a non-crypto native, a picture on the internet might feel strange. But the digital world is moving rapidly, and it is rushing toward NFT. In one sentence, NFT = liquid digital property rights which provide programmable access and status online. This short chapter is for you, as we once were, where you are now ♥️
TL; DR –> NFTs will enable us to build tools for others. So that others can help others. Thanks to using an NFT, we can support members in multiple ways with rewards, new technical capabilities, alignment of interests, and reach to new members and talents. It also introduces possibilities of building self-sustainable funding models. And to distribute the workload to multiple people, accelerating growth and making us less vulnerable/reliable on individuals. This means a mind-shift, a new phase in the Koios experiment: we are shifting from central coordination towards community coordination.
The NFTs are vital for creating a well-balanced ecosystem of contributing entities from all over the world. As proven by many communities around the globe. Hence, the launch of an NFT-collection prepares us for the next growth phase. It is a required step to work towards a global learning ecosystem that accelerates talents across the world (= end goal).
But enough said, see concrete examples in the next chapter!

4/5 First use-cases NFT

As the first steps, the NFTs will be used for (the execution phase):
  • Rewards for learning and contributing (collect XP, earn $TITAN and TITAN NFT)
  • Access rights in Discord (channels #⚡️-rising-titans and #⚡️-titans-talks)
  • Access to events (physical and online)
  • Claims to future airdrops (attributes, spin-offs, etc.)
  • Reputation tool and social architectures (status in Discord, on profile page, leaderboard)
  • Experimentation to make the $TITAN & NFT liquid via secondary markets.
  • Gamification of education (dynamic NFTs, goodies access, etc.)
  • Experimentation with donation tracks (non-sustainable but fun and valuable)
We start small and will gradually grow as we learn more. We will go more in-depth and expand on these use cases in later phases this year. There is much to explore, and we can't wait.
Examples of secondary steps (idea-phase):
  • Access rights to specific upcoming honors tracks (Titan Tracks)
  • Experiment with new forms of value flow, possibly realizing self-sustainable funding (open-source business models, yeaaahh!)
  • Experiment with an ecosystem curriculum with community contributions (social structures incentivizing people to add knowledge and network)
  • Narrative creation and more gimmicks and stories. Memify everything!

5/5 The proposal

Detailed proposal can be found here: https://snapshot.org/#/koios.eth