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Want Start Here

If you want to contribute... just do it! Don’t ask for permissions. Instead, lead discussions, bring exciting topics and research, help with work and do the work yourself. This will show your expertise in particular topics and move you up into the contributor circle.

How to start?

Just introduce yourself in Discord and attach a link to your preferred social like Twitter, GitHub, etc. Best done in the #🤝titan-connect channel. Other contributors (‘Titans’) will pick you up from there. A community board on who-is-who will soon follow.

When you enter the Discord for the first time, don’t forget to select your role via #role-selection.

As soon as you enter the Discord, you can earn XP. The easiest way is to start with the introduction, as mentioned above. Current contributors can help you with some ideas on what outstanding tasks are. Or just join the conversation and see if you like the ambiance in our cozy digital home. An overview of the significant outstanding tasks can be found here (general). A more detailed and technical to-do list can be found in the Tech Airtable.

You can introduce your idea in Discord, and if you see it getting nice traction - work out a proposal to set up your own committee / ad-hoc task and lead it. You can even ask the DAO for the grant via an official proposal and proceed with your own team.

Distinct committees are focusing on different tasks; you can do one or a few at a time. To be able to write in contributor chats, you need to have at least one $TITAN. This token will give you the rising-titan role and access to the # ⚡️ rising-titans channel. You can earn Titans via XP or just explain in general why you would like to join the other Titans.

Each committee /goal group aims to make bi-weekly reports on their work to present to the DAO, as a way to show why and for what exactly treasury spending is going to that group. Those will be in Discord, Mirror, Wiki, and Twitter (currently set up).

Yes, duh. DAO pays to keep contributors happy. See the previous point. Don’t expect to be paid retroactively, as expectations must be aligned. Value is assessed ad-hoc by the DAO voting eventually, so you better have a concrete deliverable to present.

Committees: choose for yourself

A list of quick tasks and a backlog of ideas can be found on the Roadmap page

Currently the following guilds are active:

  • NFT Guild

  • Platform Guild

  • Community Guild

  • Classes & Students Guild

  • DAO Coordination

You can join and find them in the Discord: discord.com/invite/koios

Core Contributors

· Soon holders of >10 $Titans will introduce themselves. A community page will be created.

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