Roadmap 2022
What we will do: the next steps in our shared adventure
So we aim to build something fair for all, something that will survive our grandchildren's children. Won't be easy. But we do have a plan and passion. We apply an iterative agile approach. Below are the upcoming highlights planned for 2022 (updated: April-2022) On boardings process: click here @ DAO navigation.​

Our future

GOAL: Provide the community with a solid infrastructure and proper incentives/rewards for contribution. This is the moment in time that we enable the community to build and earn. Efforts will be taken in the following areas:
  1. 1.
    Community Involvement
  2. 2.
    Platform upgrades
  3. 3.
    Discord and bot upgrades
  4. 4.
    Education content
  5. 5.
    Decentralized control
  6. 6.
    Legal/Tax Challenges
Each period has built-in stops/go's. Thanks to the governance via the DAO, the Koios community will have a voice. The NFTs will provide the face. The community of Titans will learn how to talk and will decide what the future or learning holds for Koios. Because we aim to be as fully open as possible, and all members can join and contribute, we are never sure what the community will create next decade.
We can't wait to hear them ❀️️!

1. Community involvement


1.1 Distribution $TITAN

We initially launched the $TITAN in Q4 2021. Therefore, our first steps in 2022 are mainly focused on initial distribution and setting up the foundations for fair, consistent distribution:

  • Distribute share of votes: allocate 10 $TITANS to other core contributors (funds from current core accounts, no new printing $TITAN is required: see proposal 1). DONE
  • Set up accounts that are able to mint Nectar to reward valuable contributions.DONE
  • Improve execution flow: one public key will contain 150 $TITANS, managed by our Discord member Loop. People can send Loop a request. Goal: reward small contributions/ new active entrants /etc. DONE
  • Get XP bot live to exchange 50,000 XP for 1 $TITAN. DONE
  • Airdrop $TITANS list for strategic partners and early contributors (in progress)
  • Airdrop proposals: passing course (1 $TITAN), vote (1 $TITAN), test-titans (.. XP per test-titan on Rinkeby). DONE
  • Airdrop ideas: connect on Twitter (add_twitter command) + connect collabland-join
  • $TITAN access to Discord (1 Titan = #⚑️ rising-titans, 10 Titan = ⚑️titan-talks). Add channel description + image. DONE
  • Upgrade token model: more $TITAN use cases are under development (in progress)
  • Funds will enter the DAO to provide for grants: 20K in June (in progress)
  • Collect Koios Improvement Proposals: KIPs? Update: we work with guilds, see proposals.
  • Create Titan distribution overview so all can see how $TITAN tokens are distributed

1.2 Distribution Titan NFT

  • For details about the launch of the NFT collection, see proposal 2
  • NFT airdrop: whitelist 10+ $TITAN accounts for minting a randomized Founding Titan NFT
  • NFT distribution: 10:1 exchange rate, until external factors might demand differently (in progress)
  • Launch on OpenSea (in progress)
  • Contact for registration (API).
  • Set up a virtual gallery to view the Titan NFT collection.

1.3 Other Tokens

1.4 Socials

  • Upgrade Koios logo (in progress)
  • Image for $Titan in MetaMask (in progress)
  • Upgrade Twitter
  • Koios merch (hoodies, shirts, stickers)
  • Physical or Online Events
  • Titan Merch

1.5 Games

  • Incorporate more earn possibilities: contact crypto-parties for play & earn possibilities students (
  • In-game trading competition (Titan Trading Competition). Rewards in XP.
  • Meme competition
  • Koios Games Bot
  • Koios Awards (digital + physical at The Hague Uni)

1.6 Organizing workflow


1.7 Tokenomics & individual business models


2. Platform upgrades

  • New homepage (focus on onboarding Titans + new images, including hero and closing banner + pastel coloring). Simplify global onboarding users. Call-to-action buttons will be "learn", "earn", and "return". Also placed on the home page: logo + slogan + max 5 sentence intro text + join Discord button + info button (wiki) + link to community storyboard of who-is-who + visualized community agenda + banner with statistics for social proof + Link to Twitter. Simplification is key.
  • Dark mode for app environment (in progress)
  • Expansion profile page with more options (in progress)
  • An optional leaderboard based on Titans (in progress)
  • Storyboard for community members (a profile page with personal intro + Discord handle, socials and community stats like XP/Titans/NFts/Levels)
  • See all (un)scheduled improvements in the Tech Airtable​

3. Discord and bot upgrades

  • Migrate community classes (guest lecturers) to Discord.
  • Attract prominent speakers and integrate them into community schedules
  • To also give NFT owners access to the channels.
  • Link Twitter account. The bot reads action; XPs can be earned via likes (250XP), retweet (500XP). Follow KoiosDAO account (3,000XP).
  • Extra XP when someone holds an NFT.
  • Introduce contra-spoofing mechanisms
  • Voting (follow: 10,000XP, vote 2000XP). Update: became airdrop.
  • Idea: earn XPs when finishing a learning video on the platform.

4. Education content

  • ​ applied on THUAS Minors
  • Integrate earn possibilities in Blockchain Minor. Examples: * Rabbithole * for learning web3 development skills. As students complete quests, they earn NFT and cryptocurrency. * Layer3 for "doing sh*t" and get rewarded with crypto. It is similar to an early version of Fiverr where members pitch what they would do for cryptocurrency. * for getting started with DeFi. Users to take "quests" by depositing funds, transfer funds, and learning Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols. Participants earn "voltage" and NFTs. * 1729 for pulling forward the future web3 world. It is a newsletter that incentivizes readers to take action on everything from gathering information - such as nuclear policies of every EU country - to learning Solidarity to build smart contracts on the Etherum blockchain. Action is rewarded with cryptocurrency. *​
  • Setting up ecosystem content - EXTERNAL LINKS: connect to learning partners - student growth flow towards DAOs like Kernel, TokenEngineering Academy, Ethernaut or all those others out there (which align with interests and principles of community).
  • Setting up ecosystem content - INTERNAL LINKS: turning research and discussions into articles for a journal on Mirror
  • Setting up a Titan Academy, specialized track for eager ones (owning $TITAN or Titan NFT). Goal: Launch Titans in web3 in a direction they prefer. (in progress)
  • Classes go VR with avatars in meta etc. Develop titan VR-merch for genies collaboration.
  • New course: NHL Stenden is working on a 'meaningful economy' curriculum. DELAYED DUE TO PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES CONTENT CREATOR.
  • 'Reshaping money' course

5. Decentralized control

  • Phase 1: distribute more $TITANS so equal voting arises, as described DONE
  • Phase 2: a cap on the number of Titan Tokens, removing our power to print an infinite amount of tokens. DAO manages a large part of the tokens for moderators to distribute and distribute via proposals. Goal: more decentralizing decision-making and adding value to the current stack of Titans (+ upping our game). Since we don't have automatic execution, there is still a manual action between voting and implementation. This is useful for any hostile takeovers ("send content from DAO Treasury to wallet XXX")
  • The next step: no actions unless it falls within a community-given mandate (within practical bandwidths, of course).
  • Explore for tools that can automatically fund proposals (a la Gitcoin). is a possibility, but they ask 2,5%.

6. Legal / Tax Challenges

Aim: to work towards a fully community-owned environment, eventually accepted within legal frameworks of the future. Currently, the community gains increasing control but has no legal grounding in Dutch legislation. Communities can have a legal grounding in other countries, as DAOs are accepted globally in legal frameworks. However, since we started from the international city of peace and justice (The Hague), we would like to pioneer from the Netherlands first. So we created a Foundation called Stichting KoiosDAO. It ordered the $TITAN token launch and the Titan NFT launch (as was advised by legal consultants). But the Foundation doesn't do any activities and holds no tokens. So it has no active control. It is also free of Taxes (confirmed by IRS).
This is extremely interesting from a legal perspective but very uncertain territory. Therefore, we move slowly and engage with legislators and consultants before any significant moves are made. However, to keep innovating and learning, we will launch small experiments to test and learn. And contact specialists and partners. Then, we build from there, together.

6.1 $TITAN

Koios could become self-sustainable if we launched a freely transferable token. But we are not sure if this is allowed atm. Hence we launched a non-transferable token (Q4-2021). It acts as governance tokens and proves contributions and a reputation that cannot be bought. Still, it limits funding. So a secondary, liquid token could help (for which we currently use the innate Discord XP points). They are freely tradeable, so you instantly connect to decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies, and other open-source initiatives. You can build on the shoulders of giants, opening up a world of innovation and experimentation. In a shared open-source testing environment, innovation is directly applied to learning and education, combatting learning about fast-moving topics.
However, setting up a freely tradable cryptocurrency from the Netherlands opens a legal black box because laws and regulations are not yet known. Many founders, therefore, moved abroad where more certainty is offered in legal frameworks. This is not hard due to the digital character of these projects (no physical location and some don't have central coordination). However, we have the intention to set up this innovation together with the knowledge institutions, involved parties, and the government in the educational ecosystem. The Hague, the city of governance with international peace and justice, origin of a worldwide public/public education network. A unique opportunity in our era we should not let go to waste.
  • Research and consults are needed to invest in self-sustainable funding options.
  • Attract legal partners and involved parties to engage in this experiment (give them co-ownership via $Titan governance)
  • Set up a board of advisors
  • What might be interesting for the next phase is to launch a tiny amount of secondary liquid tokens to initiate experimentation. What is needed is a strong disclaimer that indicates that this is a test. A tool to work towards Education as a Common (objective).
  • Explain experimental character very well + disclaimer in the storyline. Prevent from making overpromises. Legal advice + copy from other projects.

6.2 Titans' Visual Reputation Pictures ("NFTs")

The community has also started working with NFTs (digital images on the internet that you can claim ownership of via the blockchain). You can buy these NFTs as a user by exchanging your Titan Token for an NFT Token (with an image of a Titan). In addition, users may be able to sell these NFTs through the secondary market. We have the NFT as one of the use cases of the Titan Token and mainly intended to create bonding between community members. However, we launch only a minimal amount of Titan NFTs because we are unsure about distribution mechanisms or possible legal implications.
  • Is it allowed to scale to connect with OpenSea? We are not in control of prices on a secondary market. Can we be held responsible for what people do with their NFTs? We don't want them to be used as a speculation mechanism, but we want to offer users freedom of choice. Here too, a disclaimer is sensible. We also have a responsibility here as a community that focuses on Education.
  • Is selling the NFTs directly to the primary market allowed? This could act as a revenue model for the DAO. However, we do not know how this is seen from a legal or fiscal standpoint. Who owns the DAO funds: the active community with control but no legal grounding? Or the passive Foundation with no control but legal grounding?
  • Is it allowed to make the illiquid $Titan exchangeable for a liquid NFT? As a result, a market value may be attached to the Titan?

6.3 The badge (also an NFT)

We aim to give students a blockchain badge who complete a minor. So if you have passed ECT, you will receive a certificate (NFT picture + Metadata with the name of the course and period, etc.). It should be GDPR-proof because personal data is not included. But the blockchain is immutable and pseudo-anonymous: the badges are non-transferable and traceable if people know your public key.
  • Are we really GDPR proof? Check-in with specialists
  • What other methods are possible / how do others do this? &​
  • Engage with partner THUAS: experiment with THUAS badges (start with validated students)? If successful, expand to non-students in later phases.
  • Engage with other partners like LOOFC (representing 18 other Universities in NL)
  • IP artwork needs to be given by Akash

6.4 Shared content ownership

More parties will place different course materials. Registration under a common license must remain neutral and allow other entities to join content sharing initiatives (a requirement for ecosystem learning).
  • Which license is well-suited for content sharing in an open-source fashion (Creative commons license 4)?
  • Koios cannot be held accountable for the IP. IP and responsibilities are for the content creator.
  • The check on IP breach should also be performed by the responsible party that owns the IP of the content. But, again, I think this is just part of the standard procedure at an educational institution.
  • Performing IP scans on content for minors. Is this really 100% OK? Doesn't have much to do with Koios but more with the blockchain and Trading minors.

6.5 Donation track

Various community members also want to donate cryptocurrencies, possibly to Koios itself and possibly to partner projects that focus on Education or, for example, replanting the earth. Technically this is easy to set up, but the legal consequences are unknown. For example, do donations fall under the Foundation (if so, what do you do for tax purposes).
  • What are the consequences, legally and fiscally, when you receive donations on a public key from people via the internet?
  • Who owns the money when direction/governance is with the community (everything runs via the blockchain, so super transparent where the currency moves).
  • What about the KYC/AML legislation? And WWFT?

6.6 Koios platform

Students are learning via the platform and communicating via Discord. They are also earning different cryptocurrencies as rewards. However, we are unsure how to disclaim the use of this all and how to record the license.
  • Contact specialists
  • Which license for the use of Koios (Creative commons license 4)?