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Intro Titan Tokens

The Titan Token and Titan NFTs gave voice and face to the community
We are not funded by Venture Capital; community is vital for gradual growth. For the Titans to govern their platform and ecosystem, they need their own native cryptocurrency (token). This community cryptocurrency is called the Titan Token and supplies the community with powerful incentives to align members' interests. On a very large scale, if desired.
Yet, it is crucial to realize that we know almost nothing. We learn by experimentation and above all by play. Play is, after all, the highest form of research.
Original Titan Token
We are building a platform and community. To create an environment in which open learning ecosystems can thrive, Koios is gradually growing into a DAO. An entity on the internet, run by a community. No worries, more explanation later. The legal registration of a dormant 'KoiosDAO Foundation' enabled the launch of our Titan governance token via a community airdrop in Q4-21: https://polygonscan.com/address/0xb49750ad82d11c12209a837210ab753ab09115a7.
Since then, Titan tokens have gained in use cases.
  • They provide voting power and enable community members to support, or prevent, the initiation and exploration of new activities. The tokens represent your stake in the DAO.
  • They also provide a role and reputation in the community. Made visible in the community leaderboards, verifiable in transparent blockchains.
  • They provide access to private parts of the Discord, digital & physical meet-ups, events. But also to exclusive honors programs. Places where you can meet fellow titans.
  • The Titan Token can also be 'burned' in exchange for a Titan NFT. These NFTs can be bought and sold via marketplaces like OpenSea.
The Titan Token is a governance token and holds no monetary value. It cannot be bought or sold; it can only be earned via contribution and it is soul-bound/not transferable from your wallet. We know nothing. To safeguard us against ourselves and bad actors, we have access to an unlimited supply of Titan Tokens. As Koios and our skills as Titans grow, we aim to gradually give full power to the community. We can't wait to hear the first words of KoiosDAO in its toddler phase.
In due time, publicly verifiable and immutable smart contract code will run the DAO community & Platform. The tokens will gradually spread over different people with different contributions: learners (classes), community members (Discord), proposals (Snapshot), and monetary (OpenSea). Creating a healthy robust basis in which open learning ecosystems can thrive and scale.
Evolution, not revolution.

Info about the $TITAN Token (on Polygon blockchain)

  • This is the token proving reputation and used for governing the KoiosDAO. The $TITAN is non-transferable, so it cannot be transferred or bought/sold. They can only be earned (handicap principle), so it proves your contribution and hard work.
  • Two exceptions are made regarding the non-transferability: - There are moderator accounts that distribute small amounts of $TITANS to active learners and contributors. This is to increase workflow and reward small contributions and promotions, without voting for proposals. The moderator accounts are limited to 25 $TITANS and non-transferability can be reversed in case of misconduct or hacks. - You can exchange $TITAN for a founding Titan NFT. Current exchange rate 10 $TITAN:1 NFT. This exception is created to experiment with monetary and social experiments. Exchanges are done manually at this moment, abused accounts can be excluded if the community agrees. As we experiment and learn, we aim to grow this exchange process into a fully automatic procedure.
  • The $TITAN cryptocurrency is active on the Polygon blockchain: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xb49750ad82d11c12209a837210ab753ab09115a7. The cheap transactions and compatibility with Ethereum allows for experimentation. As we have only just started, this is vital to gradually grow into a self-sustainable platform that supports ecosystem learning.
  • Earn $TITAN: - Exchange via XP. Our Koios.bot will help you in Discord if you type in the command +redeem_token or the command +redeem_titan. - Submit a proposal via the Snapshot tool and ask for $TITANS as payment. - Smaller tasks can be rewarded directly via a moderator in Discord. Feel free to ask around! - Regular airdrops via different metrics (voting/discord levels/participation/class activities/community events & meet-ups)
  • Use-case $TITAN: - voting on proposals - exchange for founding Titan NFT. Current exchange rate: 10 $TITANS : 1 NFT. - access to the (upcoming) honors track, events, and airdrops. - access to private channels in the Meta Titan Discord where proposals are discussed & where fellow $TITAN holders share their life's alpha. 1 $TITAN will give access to #⚡ rising-titans and 10 $TITANS will give access to #⚡ titan-talks. We are exploring different roles for the $TITAN in the gamification of education & collaboration of co-creating community content. More use-cases for burning (destroy) and minting (create) $TITANS will be developed as they are gradually distributed based on learning and contributions among the different contributors (students, teachers/researchers, developers, partners, and community members).

More token info - for the Token Geeks

Dune Dashboard with token info: https://dune.com/cryptohokage/titan
TL;DR --> there are 4100 tokens. Explanation majority of the Token distribution
  1. 1.
    26 October - 1,000 Titan - No official proposal (via Discord) - Wrong mint transaction to contract address itself (first test failed)
  2. 2.
    26 October - 1,000 Titan - No official proposal (via Discord) - Creation Titan Treasury (second test succeeded)
  3. 3.
    19 November - 800 Titan - No official proposal (via Discord) - 1 Titan to all former students + 1 to 5 Titans to all enrolled community members for Discord XP level
  4. 4.
    6 July - +/- 50 Titan - Proposal 2 - Airdrop 1: 1 Titan if joined DAO
  5. 5.
    6 July - +/- 100 Titan - Proposal 2 - Airdrop 2: Voting rewards
  6. 6.
    6 July - +/- 500 Titan - Proposal 2 - Airdrop 3: 1 Titan if student passed course
  7. 7.
    6 July - +/- 200 Titan - Proposal 2 - Airdrop 4: early contributors reward