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What we already did

From 2016 till now

Some dry results

  • Winner Dutch Blockchain Award for Meaningful Education‌
  • Fast-growing community with 1600+ members: https://www.discord.com/invite/koios
  • Two large minors: the first Bachelor blockchain program in the Netherlands, running since 2017 and co-created with field specialists.
  • After several tests, the platform prototype is live since 2019 with multiple successful programs running >1000 multidisciplinary students per year across 25+ countries in the world. ‌Due to digital and open character, very large reach for students in various regions.
  • Launch of Titan token that will bring about the DAO: it seems to be the first educational institution in the world to link official curriculum to this new organizational form. The token will be used to pay contributing ecosystem members and distribute governance of the platform to its users.
  • An ongoing experimental process of inventing, building, using, evaluating, and adapting. The continuous drive and quest to improve the education system. We now have an unprecedented luxury that we can immediately test new forms of learning, sharing, and tools and iterate in closed sandbox/test environments such as in the THUAS minors. Even failing in this process we still have learned a lot about innovating education!
  • Due to community approach, very high student ratings and student involvement. Also during the Corona epidemic. Allows students more freedom and more engagement, for example, to determine the pace and moment when to learn about the latest digital technologies.
  • Multiple large events with 500+ participants.
  • Successful ecosystem initiatives such as validating protocols and building new products. 50+ field assignments per year connecting education-practice-research-society. National and international (10+ countries).
  • 20+ interns and graduates per year, who contribute to various disciplines in their professional domain. ‌
  • Assistance from various ecosystem partners, nationally and internationally. We look forward to working with the Kernel community, a high-quality incubator strongly anchored in the Ethereum Ecosystem and with limited access for builders of decentralized web3 solutions.
  • Ecosystem initiatives have led to mining and minting programs of which platform developers and hardware suppliers are paid.
  • Koios is a place where individual input leads to collective returns. It can accelerate educational innovation (in a cheap way) by developing and offering education in open communities. Enables the development of courses with specialists that can then be used by multiple educational institutions. Due to its neutral nature, it is interesting for other educational institutions and/or public/private parties to join.‌
  • More universities are joining and new courses are coming up through collaborations like LOOFC.

Our background story

After years of blockchain research at the University of The Hague, Koios eventually emerged from slumber in 2019. We started very small and centralized, coordinated from within the University of The Hague. A community existing of lecturers, students, researchers, and field specialists, that teamed up with strong local partners like the Municipality of The Hague and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. After this origin phase, we gradually shifted towards more and more coordination from within the community. From within the city of international peace and justice, we grew Koios and the community of Titans. Together, we gradually built the open-source platform called Koios.world which hosts several courses called worlds. Moreover, it hosts the digital home for our community of Titans. Koios is currently serving over 1000+ students at the University of The Hague and the community won the Dutch Blockchain Award for 'Meaningful Education' in 2020. For more dry results, scroll down below.
The Hague University - where Koios awoke
We created a playful combination of the open-source blockchain approach and Academics to combat the challenge of learning about fast-moving topics and technologies. We aim to combine the best of both worlds: blockchains and open-source software, mixed with regional reputations from universities. We heavily rely on the open-source approach and need to embrace open innovation because no one knows all due to the fast pace of digital technologies. It also allows us to stand on the shoulders of giants. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you go far, go together.
Another challenge we encountered was the information overflow and lack of motivation to learn or share high-quality knowledge. However, blockchain technology allows us to coordinate users to learn, share, and earn via valuable micro-incentives. We tested incentives like classic certificates recorded in public ledgers or programmable cryptocurrencies representing all kinds of value. We expected these valuable micro-incentives to trigger people, and our tests proved very fruitful over the past few years.
Eventually, in 2021, we created our community token called the Titan token. With the help of this token, we are distributing governance of the platform. You can now help govern the platform with the Titan tokens by submitting or voting about proposals. But with this token, you can also build a reputation or create your own Titan NFTs. The Titan tokens also unlock access to certain areas and gimmicks. So as you improve your skills and knowledge, you improve your earnings and network.
We build an open-source platform with academic content, a vibrant community, and integrated blockchain technology to accelerate development. But as this is just the beginning of blockchain technology, this is equally just the beginning for us. Continuous global advancements offer a steady stream of new possibilities. We only just started and still have the responsibility to take care of Koios through infancy. But as Koios grows, more Titans rise, building under an open-source banner. Freely accessible for all with a desire to learn, earn and return. Together.
Class & number of field partners 2020