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Intro Koios

The ancient Titan revived in the 21st century. To learn as freely as you breathe air
Koios is a community focused on learning. But we do not intend to replicate a digital university or learning platforms. Instead, we intend to build a digital version of a schoolyard. A lively and playful place bordering learning institutions but still well-connected with the fast-changing world. You learn and earn while playing. An environment where you come together to grow and build friendships for life.
We are a DAO, a modern-day internet community focused on the ancient art of learning. Named after Koios, our aim is to revive this Titan of Knowledge, Intellect, and Inquisitive mind. To create a social place where you develop the capacity for a life full of learning. It is our dream to eventually realize 'Education as a Common': a world with free lifelong learning as a common good.

A digital homeworld for Titans

Koios is a social learning community for individual autonomy, mutually fulfilling friendships, and conversation. We believe sharing is sacred. To support this mission, we are building an open-source environment equipped for learning in the 21st century. A place backed by a community of talented individuals called Titans. Connected via new technologies, but driven by ancient philosophies, Koios is a community of old in modern form. It is a place where people come to collectively learn, earn and return.