Koios wiki 🎓


TLDR, the Titan token, and Titan NFTs hold no monetary value. They are experimental. We highly recommend earning tokens and not buying them. The latter is not possible for the Titan token but might be possible in the future if the community ever decides to unlock the tokens. The different programmable cryptocurrencies can already be earned by everybody with an internet connection.
Tokens representing Academic validation are only available for officially registered students in the current phase. We expect to experiment with the accreditation of non-registered learners in our ongoing collaboration with universities.
The current content on the platform is owned by the content creators but published under the intent of open-source fashion. We are searching for an open-source license / legal framework that still needs to be chosen. The currently offered content is facilitated by The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The lecturers from the university are also responsible for study credit validation.
GDPR-proof meta-data is recorded when a user receives a badge (= micro-certificate on the blockchain). This meta-data contains general information, like the name of the course, date, etc. Still, no personal data is recorded on a blockchain (=immutable ledger). Badges are non-transferable (= 'soul bound'). If you want to retain privacy, we recommend not sharing your public key in public.
We highly recommend securely saving your private keys. If you lose access to the public key account, you lose access to your tokens. Key maintenance and privacy on a public ledger are challenges we all face. However, gifted minds across the globe are working hard on solutions. We hope and expect solutions will be offered in time.