The Content Player

Welcome to this introductory part explaining the KOIOS Player! This player is developed by a collaboration of field specialists, researchers, students, lecturers and public & private organisations.

The “back-end” code is open-source available via, but let’s talk about the front-end 😊: to enter the player, visit the website, select your course and click on the button “START LEARNING”.

For explanatory video's on how to connect to the Ethereum blockchain, the web player and your personal study track record, just click away 😊! You can even form your own blockchain linked user account with which you can communicate, show your reputation and for example ask or answer questions about the content in the chat forum.

*** Watch the short introduction & click over here ***

First things first: the personalised dashboard At this very moment you will directly taken to the log in BEFORE your start. You log in via your own personal blockchain identity (“public key”). If you don’t want to do this and continue without logging in, still perfectly fine, and you will still end up with the open course offer. However, if you do log in, you will end up in a personal dashboard where your study progress is registered, where you receive different types of rewards and were it is made clear which tokens and badges you already earned.

Upcoming programs For now, let’s take a look at the current situation in which you directly end up in the course offer (log in dashboard environment is in the making). When you click on the “I’m here to learn” butting, you see our Blockchain, Trading, Data science and Cyber security courses. These are the 15-30 ECT half-year programs, in which you can walk various routes as a learner. Courses from different disciplines, and some already composed in collaboration with public and private partners from the field. Soon other courses will follow! Let's jump in! Let's jump right in the player and click on one of the “start course” buttons. After you may have seen the loading screen with a small running dinosaur through your screen, you will end up in the main screen of the player.

The player is initially built for the smallest imaginable screen of our users. This makes it suitable for the mobile phone, as well as for all the larger type of screens like desktops. In addition, it is designed as game controller, where you can operate extra buttons with your left and right thumb. For example, when you open the left menu, you will see various buttons appear in which you can determine the subtitles, the background noise and the speed of videos. If you use the right side, you open a kind of "pause menu" in which you temporarily pause the player and, for example, access settings. Both the left and right buttons are currently being redesigned, as a result of tests outcomes from first experiments with the current Blockchain Minor student groups. One of the strengths of the player is that it is continuously tested and iterated on the basis of points of improvement submitted by students and other users. As for the main screen, you currently see three areas. A screen at the top left to play the video, the slides of the video below and a note field on the right. Soon the literature and an overview of the lesson structure will be added, which are now tucked away as an option in the pause menu. The lesson structure allows you to easily switch between the micro-clips and possibly compile your own route, the literature is fully integrated in the player and, in addition to the reading material, also directly links to all sources used.

Flexibility & Personalisation We strive for an inclusive learning experience where user-friendliness and personalisation are very important to us. An example: the screens can be adjusted as desired. By clicking on the green hand in the middle you can adjust the screen sizes, but you can also click on the hand and swipe it on your screen. This way you can adjust it to your own personal wishes. Fun fact: our logo and the player are heavily intertwined with each other, as you will later on be able to adjust the KOIOS logo just as you are able to adjust the player to your own personalised settings. Research has shown that the more control a student has, the more engaged he/she is with the platform. Besides the fact that the main screen is flexible, the routes you can take in the player are flexible as well. Not only within the Blockchain Minor are different routes available, but with two short clicks you can directly switch to an entirely different course. Suppose, for example, as a blockchain minor student that you’d like to know more about cyber security, learn how to write code, or how to trade digital assets…you can already directly switch to these other courses, starting from September 2020. And many more courses coming up this year 😊!

The next steps! A convenient thing about this player, is not only that everything is openly connected, but because you are logged in to a blockchain based identity, this allows us to send you badges and tokens directly after completing a short knowledge clip or a task. You can use this same identity in the offline lessons provided by your local tutor of the regional institution where you study. They can even send you officially validated badges, as long as you have gone through the official validation processes such as passing a test. In this way you create a unique study portfolio where you can choose the subjects yourself. Recorded in a data profile and associated reputation that you master yourself and that you will soon be able to connect to the other tools such as the community forum & chat, but also to the network connection tool SYNC. See the other explanatory videos for more information about these tools and their status. TLDR: the prototypes of the other tools are under construction and we expect to be able to link them to the player within 2020 so that we can jointly take this educational experiment to the next level!