Titan Tokens

Universities experiment more and more with new digital forms of validation. Each university has a slightly different approach and test environment, but often with similar aims like increasing study behaviour, creating a better reflection of acquired competencies or increasing flexibility.

The Koios project contains similar validation experiments, but applies a blockchain based approach and therefore experiments with “Tokens” and “Badges”.

1.1 A bit of blockchain background

Tokens & badges are enabled by blockchain technology. Block….what?! Blockchains, a digital ledger that records value with no intermediary. To keep it simple: where the internet is used to transfer and share information, blockchains are used to transfer and share digital values between peers.

Digital value can take many forms, like the digital Bitcoin for example, but also these so-called “tokens” and “badges” which could represent certain efforts and competencies. The difference between a token and a badge is that a token is transferable and therefore fungible, as where a badge is non-transferrable (non-fungible). You could therefore compare tokens with pocket money in your wallet. A badge however can only be sent once and is therefore uniquely tied to one person. You could therefore compare a badge with earned medals to be pinned on a boy scouts uniform. The boy scout would therefore have a wallet with cash to exchange with others (= tokens) and his uniform that represents his skills and level (= badge).

In the blockchain realm this boy scout is represented by something that we call a “public-private key pair”. As you might use a mail address to interact via the web, you use this so-called key pair to interact on the blockchain. As pairs do, they come in two: the “private” key is your personal password and the “public” key is the publicly available representation of that person to the outside world (just as on the internet, this public representation can also be pseudonymous or anonymous). A private key is needed to access the public key, as sort of a personal key on a lock where the private key is the key and the public key is the lock. The public key can for example be used for receiving tokens and badges. You can visualise the public key as the mailbox, the private key as a personal key to that mailbox.

You will receive your very own public-private key pair at Koios and we will teach you how. With that key you can now receive your tokens to be spend on multiple opportunities as well as your hard earned badges which represent some of your gained skills. Important final note: in the blockchain realm and at Koios, the key pair is fully owned and therefore controlled by the person and not an intermediary.

1.2 Main goal of our token & badge efforts

We aim to use tokens & badges as a mechanism to stimulate certain desired behavior per different user role. There are different tokens for different type of users, and for students we use the “Titan-Token”. Named after Koios, the Greek Titan of Knowledge and Inquisitive mind. We use tokens and badges to incentivize individual investments such as time or knowledge per actor (student), which lead to collective returns for the ecosystem of all actors (happy classroom). A student wining a quiz or sharing knowledge can now be rewarded with tokens by his lecturer respectively fellow students! Or companies can now find your specialised blockchain or trading skills, because of a badge that you have earned. It is important to realise though that we are still in the “testing phase” and that we will work with TEST TOKENS AND TEST BADGES in September. No worries though: in a later phase you can convert your acquired tokens and badges for the real thing.


There are four type of tokens, each meant for different type of platform users. The one relevant for students is the Titan token, which we will describe in more detail in this document.

A total overview of the different type of tokens:

You can receive or spend tokens via the player and in the community (“online”) or via classes and other learning activities like meet-ups and events (“offline”). Note: classes and events etc. are normally offline, but due to corona measures currently migrated to the online realms as well.

There are therefore four scenarios that we will describe:

1. Scenario 1: earn tokens offline

2. Scenario 2: earn tokens online

3. Scenario 3: spend tokens offline

4. Scenario 4: spend tokens online

2.1 Scenario 1. Students RECEIVE the Titan tokens for OFFLINE learning activities

With standard activities, a student can earn a total of 200 Titan tokens per week during offline learning activities. 100 Titans to be received from their teachers & 100 Titans from their field assignment provider. Random additional rewards can be reaped as well! How to earn them:

20 Titans are to be earned when showed engaged behaviour during classes. This differs per tutor, but the first few examples which we will test are attendance of mind. Your lecturer will find a sneaky way to check this 😉. Lecturer will explain the rules of engagements plus the do’s and don’ts later on during class.

  • Token rewards during class quizzes and other games. 1 = 200, 2 = 100, 3 = 50 Titans. And off course, don’t forget the deafening cheers from your fellow students whom are awed by your knowledge!

  • If your “Slido-question” gets selected during class or guest lecture by the group = 10 tokens.

  • Random rewards for students which take initiative during class. The activity and reward are to be selected by lecturer and to be negotiated with students. Bargain hard my friends!

  • Max 50 Titans based on your grade from the weekly tests or other in-between grades which you receive. The full score of a 10 will deliver you 50 Titans, a 9 will be rewarded with 45, 8 = 40 etc. Work hard = earn hard!

  • 15 Titans when you manage to meet all the deadlines. Easy money!

  • 15 Titans when you submit your weekly feedback form. You can complain and earn at the same time 😉!

  • Random rewards for answering questions, provide feedback etc to other fellow students in Slack. Pro tip: be sure to show your public key where fellow students can easily find it, like for example your status in Slack.

  • 100 Titans via assignment providers to motivate students for desired behaviour, to be discussed between students and the assignment provider.

  • Many more extra Titans via the Koios Core Team for extracurricular activities like attending hackathons / helping at meet-ups etc. This differs per course, keep your eyes open in Slack!

2.2 Scenario 2: students RECEIVE the Titan tokens via ONLINE learning activities*

Our students learn in blended fashion, the combination of online and offline learning. They can therefore also acquire tokens in the online realm, via the Koios tools. Examples

  • Random Titans based on participation in Slack community. Tokens can come from Tutors and students alike.

  • Random Titans based on behaviour in forumchat per clip. Tokens can come from Tutors and students alike.

  • 1 Titan per watched clip, possibly per quiz. Fully automated, unfortunately still under construction at the moment.

2.3 Scenario 3: students can SPEND their Titan tokens for OFFLINE gains:

Finally! Now you have gathered a lot of Titans, but what can you do with them?!

· Save yourself some time! Exemption from one of the weekly assignments or activities, with a maximum of one assignment to be eliminated per week. It will cost you a 100 Titans and learning experience, but you can sleep in!

  • By participating in learning activities you can earn and buy the participation bonus point for the final verbal exam: 600 Titans in exchange for one full point during the final verbal exam.

  • To be used at our brand new Koios Classroom at the DCEC location: play on the Game Arcade or Consoles (1 Titan per game credit), a cup of coffee (1 Titan per cup), slice of pizza (20 Titans per slice) or drink at the meet-ups and events (10 Titans)

  • Access to exclusive services like access to Odyssey invite only event (500 Titans) or the personal leadership course provided by Motivated Minds (500 Titans).

  • We would like to reward those that work hard, that do their best and those that share with opportunities, so even now and then some interesting side-jobs might present themselves. Check the Koios Slack for interesting opportunities!

  • We might even be in time for the setup of a weekly Titan Leader board. Eternal glory awaits you!

2.4 Scenario 4: Students can SPEND their Titan tokens for ONLINE gains:

  • Share your tokens with friends and fellow students that help you. Or give your burning questions an additional bounty for a quick and solid reply!

  • Save up for Titan Levels, with all different kinds of benefits per level (statuses & perks to be announced this year!).