The Koios DAO as possible solution
General Introduction – why DAO?
Koios aims to become a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization run by an ecosystem of contributing parties and individuals. The Koios DAO governs the platform. The platform facilitates open learning ecosystems. The DAO structure is a rising new governance structure, mainly used in web3 applications and distributes the governance from a central party to an ecosystem of multiple parties. In very simple terms: one token is one vote, and users can earn tokens by contributing value to the platform in all kinds of ways. It enables users to become owner of the platform they use and harbors strong incentives to contribute, from multiple perspectives. A DAO is open, transparent and more fair by design. In the case of Koios, is it an attempt to radically improve the ways we share knowledge and learn.
Some of the benefits and reasons to become a DAO:
  • Distribution of ownership to the users instead of to one MegaCorp. Creating strong ecosystems instead of becoming a more and more powerful MegaCorp.
  • In a DAO users own their own data, improved privacy.
  • Transparent governance, all votings and decisions are visibly stored online and accessible by token holders.
  • Decentralized decision making; more votes from different backgrounds weigh in, aligning interests from multiple parties to a shared end goal.
  • Due to peer-to-peer design and via smart contracting it is ‘cost-efficient’ (no intermediaries & automated)
  • Strong incentives mechanisms due to the token model. A good designed token model enables users to collect different types of tokens with different values. Better suited to catch the network effects, Bitcoin and Ethereum being good first examples.
  • A DAO generates initial funding and a good designed token model eventually creates a self-sustaining ecosystem that increases in value, together. It facilitates the transfer of values, directly between peers, and creates new ways of earning for contributing parties as well as for the DAO itself.
  • Global reach: easily accessible for all that would like to add value
  • Integration with other web3 applications, making it easy to build upon eachother’s shoulders. Acts as a bridge to a fast moving world of digital innovation.
  • A way to experiment and learn from a new organisational infrastructure and education innovation.
We are doing extensive research at the moment. If interested, please contact us in the Discord and we will send you the most recent documents & findings.
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